4 Tips For Healthier Hair in the UAE

Living in the hot (okay, sweltering) United Arab Emirates climate can really do a number on our hair. The extreme heat, continuous air conditioning, intense sun, and frequent dips in the salty ocean can lead to hair dryness, frizziness, breakage, and even loss. Um, no thank you! Today, we’re going to discuss why taking hair vitamins is crucial if you live in the UAE (or another place with an extreme climate) and share some tips for protecting your luscious locks. Let’s dig in!

How living in the UAE can affect your hair

An oily scalp and hair loss are two of the most common problems faced by Dubai residents. The hot, humid conditions mean you likely shampoo your hair more regularly, stripping it of its natural oils. This sends a signal to your sebum gland to produce more oil, which makes your scalp oily. Yuck!

Hair loss—something no woman wants to deal with—often occurs because of the desalinated, chlorine-rich, hard water that is found in the UAE. Chlorine has a drying effect on hair and causes a harmful scalp build-up that leads to breakage and stops new hair from emerging from the follicle.

Another hair-damaging factor in the UAE is the air which is known to have silica—a sand-like substance found in desert or volcanic areas—that has been shown to cause hair damage.

To top it off, the Dubai lifestyle can be pretty fast-paced and stress is a well-known factor in hair loss. Throw some bleach, hair dye, styling products, and excessive time spent in the ocean and sun in the mix and you really have a recipe for a hair disaster!

So, what can you do to protect your hair in the UAE?

1. Take a hair-supporting vitamin

The most important and effective thing you can do to mitigate the damage of the Dubai climate is to take a well-rounded hair vitamin, such as Slf Love’s Glow gummy vitamin. Glow contains nine powerful vitamins that work to nourish your scalp and hair and prevent damage.

While you can’t control everything in your environment in, you can make a habit of taking a daily hair supplement to give your hair the nourishment and support it needs to thrive, even in the harshest environments!

2. Wear a hat when you’ll be in the sun for a longer period of time

The UV rays from the sun can damage the outside cover of the hair shaft which can lead to discoloration, dry and brittle strands, broken or split ends, thinning, and frizziness. To protect your hair, wear a hat when you’ll be in the sun for more than twenty minutes. Pick a stylish sun hat so you’ll look good and be protecting your hair.

3. Avoid excessive hair styling and coloring

Because the climate in Dubai and the UAE can be a bit harsh on your hair, it’s important to do your best to not add fuel to the fire. Bleaching, coloring, blow drying, curling, and straightening adds another level of stress to your hair that can cause damage. Try going au natural more often to give your hair a break from styling and coloring. Embrace your natural beauty and flaunt what your mama gave you! Your hair will thank you!

4. Prevention is key

Dubai might not be kind to your hair, but you can take control by applying the above tips. Even if you have seemingly healthy hair, using these tips can help protect your hair against future damage. Preventing hair damage is always better than trying to cure it, so start nourishing your hair with slf love’s Glow gummy vitamin!